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Hi Margery and Paul,

Lawrence and I are back from our Honeymoon and back to the real world now!
Just want to say thanks for doing a great job on our wedding day given such a short turn around time with the hotel previous event. I went down to the ballroom at like 5.30 pm and it was like a war zone and I return again at 6 and was all perfectly done!
A few guests that night will also be having their wedding soon and they loved the decor I had. I gave them your contact detail and believe they will get in touch with you shortly.

All the best!


Florence and Lawrence


Masterpiece Event Decoration Ltd.Wedding Event Decoration

Thanks Margery and Paul!!  Everything was stunning and perfect.
Thanks for making our wedding night so beautiful.
Denise & John


Dear Margery and Paul,

Thanks so much for the decoration! Very pretty!! We like it so much!! We are very appreciate and enjoy to Masterpiece for the professional service!! The execution of the pop up is excellent!! Everyone likes it!! Thanks to Paul again!!!! Photo table is so cool!!! Reception is very elegant!!! 要比10個讚呀!!!!! We have a very wonderful night!!!! Millions thanks again!!! 

Keep in touch!!
Minnie and Sam


Masterpiece Event Decoration Ltd.

Thanks for your help on our wedding date. The decoration is gorgeous!
Chris & I love it very much especially the welcome board with pearl.
Cherly & Chris


Masterpiece Event Decoration Ltd.Wedding Event Decoration

Thank you Paul & Magery for such a beautiful decor!!! It is exactly what we expected and stunning !!!
Msg from Paris :)
Janice & Ian


It is really a miracle for us. You've made such a fantastic job within such a short period of time.
We loved it so much and it definitely be a big part of our nice memory.
Joan & Jeff


Dear Margery and Paul,

We adore what you did with our wedding! Our fondest memories of the big day would not be the same with your decor and card.

We couldn't thank you more for your dedication and efforts. Action is better than words; hence we will definitely recommend you to all our friends who want the best wedding decor to go with their biggest day.


Cherry & Derek


Hi Margery & Paul,


Thank you so much!

Olga & Perry


我哋兩個同d親戚朋友都好鐘意你哋的decoration~~~ 多謝晒~~~~ 因為你哋, 所以我哋有個更難忘的wedding banquet呢~~~ once again, 多謝晒~~~
Agnes & Cliff


Hi Paul & Margery,
Thanks again for the great work from both of you for the wedding of Cynthia and me. We like everything you have done for us. Thanks!!! My parents' friends, including those sitting at tables around you, commented highly for your professional outputs. :D
Enjoy the busy Dec! :) (Arthur)

Margery and Paul, your Masterpiece Wedding Decoration team is simply the BEST!!!! Thanks for bringing Arthur and me wonderful and unforgettable memories on our Big day. No words can ever express our gratitude to you both. Heartfelt thanks for you and your team making our decoration so unique! I know we can count on you when we first saw the sketches and the designs, and now seeing the real things just reassuring our believes. Our guests just love your decoration. Thanks again for your splendid work! Lifetime happiness for us! (Cynthia)

Cynthia & Arthur


Hi Margery & Paul,
First of all, we would like to sincerely thank you and your team for your fantastic decoration effort at our wedding on Sunday 28/11. You have made our wedding dream come true and we cannot be happier than we were that night – THANK YOU!
I'm so sorry that we haven't had time to take pictures with you both – we have been so busy running around to ensure we kept up with the busy program – but all our guests gave wonderful comments on how elegant and cozy the surrounds/deco was at our wedding and it was exactly the mood we wanted to set – and you have brilliantly captured it with your wonderful design. It was like a dream come true to us – everything was just the way we wanted it – it was perfect.
I knew the moment we first met that we could trust you guys – YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST !!
We hope we can keep in touch and perhaps we can go for tea sometime when we we receive our photos to share our joy with you guys =)
Florence & Philip


"Thanks Paul, we do have a great wedding!!!" (Jan)
Thanks~~~We love the decoration soooooo much^ (Stella)
Stella & Jan


Thx masterpiece for their nice decoration on my wedding day, I've received lots of compliments on it~
Abbey & Tony


Once again, we received lots of great compliments for your wedding decoration. You guys have done a fantastic job on our wedding. Thank you once again!
Cicy & Nelson


Dear Margery & Paul,
Thanks so much for your help throughout the event and give us a wonderful logo, stage backdrop and overall design!
Bonnie & Ricky


Thanks a lot for your help, Paul & Margery!!! All of us love your work on my BIG day 231010!
Yolanda & Victor


Hi Margery & Paul,First off – Margery, what a shame that didn't see you on my wedding.. Just so wanted to tell: "We love every pieces of your decorations and a BIG thank you to you both and the team!" We thoroughtly enjoyed ourselves in our party, and so did our guests.  We are very satisfied with both backdrops and decorations.  Our guests especially love the big backdrop so much!
Grace & Terrance


Really so thanks to you both! many guests said the decoration is very great! It’s more than what we expected as well !! Really thanks so much!!
Catherine & Isaac


Thank you for the arrangements.  I love the flower arrangement and everything you have set up at the banquet.  I am most satisfied with your service among all my other wedding service providers.  I am really grateful that you made the event looks so nice!  I got lots of complements regarding the banquet set up and flower arrangements.  I think I definitely made the right choice, I have also referred you to some of my friends who are getting married.  I will let you know if they decide to go with Masterpiece
Crystal & Frank


Dear Margery and Paul,

I wish to give you special thanks for all the efforts your have put into our wedding decoration and invites.  We had high expectations for the decoration and the invites, and we must say you have totally exceeded our expectations in so many aspects.  We love the invites a lot, and we are very impressed (and amazed) that the decoration turned out to be so pretty — prettier than we have originally imagined.  Friends and guests have very good comments about the decoration and theme for our day, and we feel you must be given most of the credit for that.

We are especially grateful for your honest and good advice along the way — we were clueless at the beginning, did not know what we wanted, and you have helped us to come up with a plan by working side by side with us.  We feel that talking to you is like talking to our friends, such that we can be very open with you about our thoughts and opinions.  Your have responded to our questions and requests promptly, and with the personal touch to your service made us feel very much valued.  We have been asking for your advice on many other things, which, now having thought about them, might not be your responsibility, but you have gone out of your way and gave us sound advice anyway.  So, in short, thank you very much for everything!

We wish you continued success in the years to come.  And should any of my friends askes for a recommendation for a decoration service, you will be the first on my mind
Amy & Nic


Thanks Margery & Paul!! You two gave us a vy stunning wedding.
Becky & Ray


Thanks Margery. I like the decoration you made for us.  I just didn’t have chance to take a closer look on all the details on that day.  Finally I could see from your photos here!!! The pillars on the stage are just perfect match with my pink dress and finally I manage to take the huge welcome board to home!
Rainbow & Seon


Paul did a good job for my wedding. Appreciate his heart to his work. No doubt to find him if you need someone to help for decoration! Really worths for $$$!
Vanessa & Jamie


Thanks Margery thanks Paul, you two rock!! we luv it so much and looking forward to my sister’s one!! luv u two!
Peggy & Eric


Thanks margery & paul, you make my banquet looks brilliants, sweet and elegant! Thank you very much for bringing such an elegant & glamorous decoration on my big day,,,our parents & friends keep praising your works…
Tracy & Keung


Hi Margery, thank you so much for doing an excellent job at my wedding! I felt I have made the right decision for choosing you to be my wedding decor vendor. I really love every single item that u put together for my wedding. You’ve made my wedding so elegant, so classy, so me :) It was a shame that I didn’t get the chance to take a picture with you on my big day. BTW, the pics are really really nice! Hope u keep up the good work! I am sure all your clients will love you to bits! Take care!
Christie & Henry


Thank you for your excellent work!
I would like to thank you both for your help and support for tonite’s event. The backdrops and decorations are so nice that the customers are very impressed!
I love the photo corner so much…every details…!
Keren (Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited – HACTL)


Maddy & Kenneth


Hi Margery & Paul你地既設計大受好評, 我所有既朋友都覺得當日係佢地夢寐以求既婚禮, 尤其係 backdrop 同 signature board 都好配合當日既場地.多謝你!!!
Joan & Eric


I’m so sorry I can’t say thank you in person at my big day, I missed the chance L but I wanna say big thank you for you both, the outcome is much better than I can expected!!
Erica & Paul


Thanks Paul for the lovely pics!!!! They are all very nice…. Not to mention…. The excellent décor!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
Rita & Cyrus


Thanks Paul and Margery for your wonderful job you did… I love it very much!
Louisa & Gordon


經過長時間的挑選, 我地起用咗新入行的 Masterpiece Decorations for our vendor decoration。
真係好感激 Margery & Paul 的幫手, 把我想像的concept realize,出來 的效果真係和我想像的一樣。賓客個個都讚 decoration 好清新,好靚。 未見過有同類的decoration 在港出現, 而且好切合 Ms. W 本人的style – Simple and Elegant。
My boss said.."I have never attended a wedding in Hong Kong which the theme color is in Green“ 回想當初,由於擔心想像與現實有出入,於是上網不斷找 reference photos, 細緻到連reception table, registration table 上花的擺切, 品種都例舉在proposal 出來...雖然process 係辛苦, but it was a happy memory。當然 Margery & Paul 都有做功課,佢地時常 visit my blog and therefore,have a good sense of my taste and my style。Thank you both! 好謝你地令我的wedding event 生色不少。
An advise for all B2B, 如果各位希望你的vendor 與你的期望達標,it's important to provide as much reference photos as possible for their reference.
Communications is also an important area, share with them your blog (if possible) so that they can get a full picture of you and understand what you are looking for. I did that when I met with photographers, videomen, decoration and even OVO garden for bouquet.
又另一個tribute to my friend, my maid of honour - 陳小姐, 多謝佢找來her sister to design the Chinese logo for wedding. 這個姊妹真係功不可沒。
Lunch Reception:
Dinner Reception:
Thank you Margery and Paul, Patrick and I both very delighted with your design and decoration. Thank you sooooooo much.
Wendy & Patrick


Hi Paul & Margery,
Sorry I’m really really busy on the wedding day which cannot take more pics with you!!
Carmen & I love your works a lots, it makes our wedding perfect!!! Thx
Carmen & Ivan


I wanna show my deepest thanks to Masterpiece, the best deco house in town!
Alexandra & Joe


大讚婚宴佈置 - MasterPiece

一直想將婚禮的種種以時間序記錄,今天想跳出框框,去好好多謝一對人-Margery & Paul, 我們的場地佈置公司 Masterpiece。有到過我們婚宴的各位賓客,都應該對不一樣的佈置有較深刻印象。它們是 Bel Dan 的天馬行空想法,得 Margery & Paul 將之實踐。我們一對 DIY 人,婚禮中一事一物都想特別一點、精美一點,每每在網上在幻想裡出現過的畫面,都千方百計想包括在我倆的重要時刻當中。說實在的,有時自覺也有點 mission impossible(不能完成的任務),自己的人生大事,嘗試盡力盡力而已。就連場地佈置,也真的傻到想過自己動手動手。可能就是覺得要在流水作業式的香港地,找來滿意的服務公司一點也不容易吧。直到我們遇上了 Margery & Paul,我們才將這舊大石加在他們身上。
我們在外國網站上看到影樓式的花花牆拍照背景,對愛攝影的新郎哥和愛古典英式味道的新娘子,沒有什麼比起這樣的一個 backdrop(佈景)更適合。要做嘛,相信沒有多少婚禮佈置公司有類似經驗,大概說這說那總之說不好看,或者開個天價叫新人放棄了事。他們呢,同樣也是首次嘗試,但卻願意聆聽也作出建議。再加上 Dan突然幻想出來的立體剪影公仔,他們又願意將之作出應有的修改再製成實物。出來滿意的效果、賓客們浮誇的讚美都是意料之外。過程中,都是得他們的細心溝通,才令製成品可如我們幻想中的影像。
還有好有氣氛,非常配合我們歐式自家相架和和各樣簽名用品的reception table(簽名檯),精緻的 photo tree(用作排上即影即有相的照片樹)和 candy corner(擺放印上自己名字的 M&M和 Macaroon 的玻璃樽糖果角)陳設,和多得連我們也不知怎樣可以好好展示的photobook corner(自家製攝影書書欄),都是得他們的建議和用心安排,才叫我們
的心血沒有白費。最難得的是,要在商業層面找到有心完成工作的人,早已是天外的幻想。叫他們面對我們眾多自家製製品,卻還是充滿熱情地將他們一一展示,難怪 Bel 一直就在我的耳邊說,Masterpiece 是我們婚禮眾多服務公司中,選擇得最正確的一間。
突然想起趣事一則,我們的結婚蛋糕由宴會地方負責,我倆早已提出簡單以花瓣裝飾的外國款式,怎料廚房覺得我們提供的花瓣不夠多不夠美,提議不如用生果補上。雜果蛋糕?不是吧?我倆頓時目瞪口呆,旁邊跟我們一樣表情的還有 Margery,一個交換眼神之後,她自薦替我們安排安排。她更細心地拍下照片叫我們過目。不用了,我們知道怎也不可能叫你在這個環節鬆懈,老土的東西又怎逃得過你對質素的要求?
Margery & Paul,多謝你們滿足了我們一直的過份要求。雖然金錢都付過了,還是有一額外的想你們點頭,請不要當我們為前顧客吧,因為我們已偷偷地視你們為 Bel Dan 的朋友了。
Isabel & Daniel



Thank you so much Paul & Margery!!! We had a wonderful night :J
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Dominique & Eric



Margery & Paul, you guys rock!!!!!
I love your decoration very much!!!! Even if the hotel give you new constrains just days b4, you can still handle it very well!
And not only the decoration, we thank for your help through out our planning period! (Rainbridge)
Paul & Margery, thank you for the decoration!!!!
It’s so nice and pretty!!!! Thank you so much!!!! (Michael)
Rainbridge & Michael